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WinRescue 7 V1.08.51 [32-Bit] Incl Serial (KaranPc) [Latest 2022]




A: I believe we solved the problem by adding this database = self.get_db_connection() in get_dataset method Q: Extract a "SignedIn" value from a custom attribute I have a simple wpf custom attribute: public class MyAttribute : Attribute { } And I have the following binding on the XAML: In the Convert method I have something like this: [My]object value = this.Property.GetValue(this.Element); return true; I need to get the "SignedIn" value from the custom attribute and assign it to a boolean variable in the Convert method. How do I get that value? Try this: public class MyConverter : IValueConverter { public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, CultureInfo culture) { // here we access the value in the My property var my = value as My; if (my!= null) { return my.IsSignedIn; } return false; } public object ConvertBack




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WinRescue 7 V1.08.51 [32-Bit] Incl Serial (KaranPc) [Latest 2022]

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